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Singapore Coronavirus: Singapore shook! 25 thousand new corona patients were found

Leaders Online Desk: Corona virus is once again spreading in Singapore. Between May 5 and 11, more than 25,900 new corona patients have been reported in the country. Singapore's Health Minister Ong Ye Kung advised the countrymen to use masks once again on Saturday (18). He said, 'We are in the early stages of a new wave of Corona. It is constantly increasing. Therefore, this wave may reach its peak in the next two-four weeks. Currently there is no need to impose any kind of social restrictions.

The number of patients increased

According to Singapore's Ministry of Health, the number of corona patients has reached 25,900 between May 5 and 11. The number was 13,700 last week. 181 patients were seen in a week. This number has increased to 250. The number of patients coming to the ICU is increasing every day.

The Ministry of Health has asked public hospitals to maintain essential hospital beds. Along with this, suitable patients have been advised to be sent home through mobile in-patient care at home. It is Singapore's alternative inpatient model that gives patients the option of being admitted to their own homes rather than being admitted to hospital wards.

The call was made by Singapore's Minister of Health

Health Minister Ong has urged people at risk of serious illness to get an extra dose of the Covid-19 vaccine if they have not received it in the past 12 months.

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