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Shot mother, took wife's life with hammer, threw 3 children from roof, ended his life after 5 murders

Sitapur; (Uttar Pradesh): Leader Online In Uttar Pradesh, Sitapur village was shaken by the death of 6 people from the same family. According to the information received in this regard, the youth killed the mother, wife and children. The first concerned youth killed his mother. His wife also took her life by hitting him with a hammer. This incident took place in Palhapur village of Mathura area.

After this, the suspected accused threw the three children down from the roof. He died in this. After killing five members of the family, the suspect ended his life by shooting himself. According to initial information, the suspected accused was an addict and mentally ill. He was always worried.

Anurag Singh, son of Virendra Singh of Palhapur, committed the massacre at night. Mentally deranged Anurag Singh, mother Savitri Devi (age 62), wife Priyanka Singh (40), daughter Ashvi (12), son Anurag and daughter Arna (08) died on the spot. While Advik (04) died in the trauma center during treatment. Anurag Singh also ended his life after this incident. In the morning, when this incident came to know, there was excitement in the village.

On this incident, Sitapur police officer Chakrash Mishra said that Rampur police received information in Mathura today that a mentally ill person killed 5 members of his family and ended his life by shooting himself. Police team reached the spot. The incident is being investigated by the police.

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