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Ex-girlfriend came out in support of Salman in the firing case: Somi Ali said- Bishnoi society should forgive him for this mistake.

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Salman Khan's ex-girlfriend Somi Ali has supported him in the firing case. He says that Salman does not deserve all these things at all. Not just Salman, does anyone deserve such a condition? So much wrong should not happen to any enemy as is happening to Salman.

Somi further said that the people of Bishnoi community should forgive Salman's mistake because the actor had made a mistake at a young age.

Let us tell you, on April 14, two people opened fire at Salman Khan's Mumbai home, Galaxy Apartment. Salman was in his house when the firing took place. The police started searching for him after the incident.

What is happening to Salman should not happen to any enemy.
In a recent interview, Somi talked about leaving Bollywood after her breakup with Salman. He also mentioned the incident of firing outside Salman's house. She said, 'After the breakup, I came back to America at the age of 24. This thing is not hidden from anyone and I do not want to repeat it again and again.

He further said, 'Especially what is happening with Salman, the same should not happen with any enemy. No one deserves this kind of situation. My prayers are with him. No matter what has happened, let bygones be bygones. I would never want something like this to happen to anyone, be it Salman, Shahrukh or my neighbor.

'He or his family should not have to endure this'
Somi further said, 'I would never want Salman or his family to suffer any pain. When my mother and I came to know about this incident, we were shocked. We pray that no harm comes to him nor to his family.

Somi appeals to Bishnoi community to forgive Salman
“We all make mistakes,” he said. As long as you are alive, you will make mistakes. But if you are trying to kill someone or open fire on him, then you are crossing the boundary. No one has the right to break the law.

I don't support hutting, but this incident happened many years ago. Salman was very young in 1998. I request the people of Bishnoi community to forget this and move ahead. If he (Salman) has made any mistake, I apologize on his behalf. Please forgive them.

Somi said, 'If someone wants justice then he should approach the court. It is not right to take someone's life. I want to appeal to the Bishnoi community that the black buck will not come back by harming Salman Khan.

Somi wanted to marry Salman after seeing Maine Pyaar Kiya
Pakistani origin actress Somi Ali lived in America. She had come to India to meet Salman after watching the film 'Maine Pyar Kiya'. She had decided as soon as she watched the film that she would marry the actor. After coming to India, she was in a relationship with Salman for some time but later both of them broke up.

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