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Sheezan Khan remembered the days spent in jail: Said- 'Mother had encouraged me by sending a hand-written letter; Tunisha was trapped in suicide case

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In the year 2022, Sheezaan Khan's co-actor Tunisha Sharma committed suicide in her makeup room. Tunisha's mother, Vanita Sharma, had accused Sheezaan of abetting her suicide. After that, the actor was arrested.

According to Sheezan, his mother supported him a lot in bad times. When the actor was struggling in jail, his mother used to write letters by hand, giving the message of never giving up.

Sheejan said, 'When I was in jail, he sent me a hand-written letter, 'It is only the warriors who fall in the battlefield, why do those Tifals fall who walk on their knees.' This mother's teaching of never giving up has always inspired me.

“Even today, we are learning and growing together,” he said. We are together in all the ups and downs of our lives. But still, we enjoy everything. My mother always taught me to never go back to getting up from a fall and starting from zero to zero.

Sheezaan also revealed that both he and his mother love writing poems. Sheezan Khan was released on bail in March 2023.

Let us tell you, when Khan was arrested, his mother and sisters Falak Naz and Shafaq Naz fought strongly to get him out of jail. He was released on bail in March 2023.

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