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Sharad Pawar on Lok Sabha Election 2024 | Will he contest the Lok Sabha elections?; Sharad Pawar clearly said leader

Leaders Online: NCP Sharad Chandra Pawar party chief Sharad Pawar has clarified that I will never contest the Lok Sabha elections from Pune or Madhya. He was speaking in Baramati today on Friday. The workers of Pune, Madha and Satara Lok Sabha constituencies are demanding to contest the Lok Sabha elections; But so far I have contested and won 14 elections. Sharad Pawar himself reiterated that he will not contest the election now while talking to the journalists in Pune. Today again he put an end to the discussion by saying that he will not contest the Lok Sabha elections. (Sharad Pawar on Lok Sabha Election 2024)

Currently, the parties are preparing for the Lok Sabha elections. All parties are looking for candidates. As the BJP has announced the candidature of former Mayor Muralidhar Mohol for Pune Lok Sabha, he has started campaigning by meeting leaders. On the other hand, curiosity has increased about which candidate Mahavikas Aghadi will field against Mohol. Since the Congress is in the lead in the Pune constituency, there is a tug-of-war between MLAs and former MLAs along with office bearers. Meanwhile, Sharad Pawar shocked everyone by saying that the activists are demanding that I contest elections from Pune, Madha and Satara.

In the year 2019, many dramatic events took place in Madha Lok Sabha constituency, which is known as Sharad Pawar's stronghold, and the lotus of BJP blossomed. Ranjit Singh Naik-Nimbalkar of Phaltan was elected with a margin of 84 thousand votes.

For Madha Lok Sabha Constituency, BJP won from Grand Alliance. Ranjitsinh Naik-Nimbalkar has been given a chance once again. Ranjitsinh has been nominated despite the opposition of Phaltan's Ramraje Naik-Nimbalkar, Akluj's Vijaysinh Mohite-Patil and some others. Although it is not yet clear who will be against Ranjit Singh from Mahavikas Aghadi, there are more signs of insurgency in the Madha Lok Sabha elections. (Sharad Pawar on Lok Sabha Election 2024)

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