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Seven short films awarded by Human Rights Commission; 'Kiran-A Ray of Hope' won the Best Short Film leader

New Delhi, Leading News Service: Short film is a very effective medium to bring about change in the society. National Human Rights Commission Chairman Justice Arun Mishra asserted that short films are a very effective tool for conveying an effective message in a concise manner within a limited time.

Awards were presented to seven winners of short films on human rights organized by the National Human Rights Commission. He was talking at this time. Meanwhile, Marathi director Bhushan Arun Mehre's short film 'Kiran-A Ray of Hope' was awarded the first prize. Mehre along with 6 other winners were also awarded. On this occasion Justice Mishra along with Commission officials Dr. Dnyaneshwar Mule, Rajeev Jain, Smt. Vijaya Bharti Sayani, Bharat Lal were present. Member of National Human Rights Commission Dr. Dnyaneshwar Mule announced the names of the winners.

Who got the award?

There were 139 entries in this year's contest by the National Human Rights Commission. Among these, Bhushan Arun Mehre's short film 'Kiran-A Ray of Hope' highlighting the rights of LGBTQ people won the first prize. The second prize was awarded to Bibhujal Raj Kashyap for his Assamese short film 'Mukhagni- The Graveyard'. Inspired by a true story, the film deals with various issues including untouchability, caste discrimination, social bigotry, overzealous edicts of caste panchayats. Nitin Sonkar won the third prize for his Hindi film 'Right to Freedom'. This is a short film that symbolically advocates equal opportunities for children living in slums.

The first prize of this competition is Rs.2 lakh, the second prize is Rs.15 lakh and the third prize is Rs.1 lakh. All the three winners were also presented with certificates and medals. Along with these 3 short films Abdullah Alfajina's 'Glass of Humanity', Supreeti Ghosh's 'Harassment of Deepshikha', M. Baskar's 'Naragam – Hell' and Rashid Usman Nimbalkar's 'Rahas', four short films were awarded 'Special Attention Certificate' with Rs 50,000 each.

I am happy that out of 139 short films, my short film has passed various levels and tests and won the first rank. The film was made keeping in mind the problems of transgender people, their rights. I am very happy that I have been able to convey my concept to people through this film and it has also won an award.
– Bhushan Arun Mehre, Director, 'Kiran-A Ray of Hope'

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