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Scam in stock market, loss of 30 lakh crores to investors due to Modi-Shah's advice: Rahul Gandhi

Leader Online Desk : Rahul Gandhi : After the results of the Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi has targeted BJP leaders Narendra Modi and Amit Shah and accused them of corruption. Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, Rahul Gandhi said that the BJP leaders have cheated the people of the country and created a big scam in the stock market.

Rahul Gandhi held a press conference on Thursday (6th). He said that in the interview given during the Lok Sabha elections, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah had advised the people of the country to invest in the stock market. However, on the day of the results on June 4, the stock market crashed. Earlier, after the exit poll, the stock market had increased significantly on June 3. But it fell on June 4. He asked why the Modi government spread confusion about the stock market despite knowing that the stock market would crash on June 4.

Rahul Gandhi also raised questions on exit polls by media channels and survey companies. Why did the media show fake exit polls, he asked. Gandhi said that, 'During the election, then Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman commented on the stock market. While the Prime Minister was talking about the stock market growth, the Home Minister said that people should buy shares before June 4. But on June 4, the market crashed. Due to the stock market, the country lost 30 lakh crore rupees. Therefore, we demand a JPC inquiry into the fake exit polls and the stock market scam,' Rahul Gandhi explained.

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