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Sameera Reddy was advised to undergo surgery: She said- 'I cannot tell how much pressure there was for breast surgery, but I did not listen to anyone'

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Actress Sameera Reddy recently spoke about the beauty standards prevailing in the film industry. She said that when she was at the peak of her career in Bollywood, people advised her to undergo surgery. Sameera said that she ignored all these things and never underwent surgery.

I was pressured to have breast surgery

In an interview to Hindustan Times, Sameera said, 'I cannot tell you how much pressure was put on me to get breast surgery when I was at the peak of my career. Many people used to say, Sameera, everyone is doing it, why not you? But I did not want this at all. I used to think that by doing this you are hiding some deficiency inside you, whereas this was not a deficiency, life is like this. I am not judging those who get botox or plastic surgery done, but I did not want to get this done.

Sameera is popular on social media

After leaving films, Sameera started her second innings on social media. She shares videos related to self-love and body positivity. Sameera told that initially she also used to use social media filters to look beautiful but later she stopped doing so and due to this her popularity increased.

Sameera said, 'I decided that I will look the way I am. If my skin is bad, I will show it as bad. I had no problem in showing my increased weight because this is my truth. I wanted to look real, which I could never do as an actor.'

Sameera has 1.7 million followers on Instagram.

Sameera has 1.7 million followers on Instagram.

Sameera said, 'There has always been a veil between the audience and us in films. We always want to show or tell what people like but it gives anxiety. I can look good even at the age of 45. When you show your white hair, belly fat and stretch marks, people feel that there is someone who looks like us, so they feel good to connect with you and this also reduces my pressure.

Sameera made her debut in 2002 with the film 'Maine Dil Tujhko Diya'.

Sameera made her debut in 2002 with the film 'Maine Dil Tujhko Diya'.

The last film was done in 2012

Sameera has worked in films like 'No Entry', 'Race' and 'De Dana Dan'. Sameera, who was last seen in the film 'Tej' (2012), married businessman Akshay Varde in 2014 and is now busy raising two children.

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