Thursday, June 13, 2024

Russian Sukhoi-57 plane shot down by Ukraine

Kyiv, news agency: During the war, it has been reported that the Ukrainian army entered Russia and destroyed one of their troops. In this attack, Russia's new and advanced Sukhoi-57 fighter jet was shot down with the help of a drone.

The Ukrainian army has carried out this attack on the air base in the city of Astrakhan, Russia. This base is 600 km away from the battlefield. Sukhoi-57 is the most powerful aircraft in the world and its speed is 2 thousand 130 kilometers per hour. This fighter jet is so powerful that it is referred to by NATO as a killer (Felon). Photographs have come to light through satellite and on June 7, the Sukhoi-57 aircraft is seen at the Astrakhan Air Base and on June 8, fire is seen there.

The Ukrainian attack was so horrific that only ruins were visible in the area. Russia has 32 Sukhoi-57 aircraft. Russian President Putin has decided to increase the number of Sukhoi-57 to 76 by 2028. Three Ukrainian drones entered the city of Astrakhan. Russia shot down the drone, but Russia has not said anything about the attack on the Sukhoi-57. On May 10, Russia escalated its attacks on Kharkiv. After that, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky asked the US and Western countries for permission to use the weapons they provided against Russia.

Attempts to push away from the border

US President Joe Biden had authorized the use of advanced weapons against Russia. With the help of weapons from the West, Ukraine is driving Russia from its borders. French President Emmanuel Macron also announced to provide powerful fighter jets to Ukraine against Russia.

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