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Rahul Gadhi refuses to accept the post of Leader of the Opposition; Demand of Thackeray group with Congress MPs

Prathamesh Telang

New Delhi : As the Congress got 99 seats, Rahul Gandhi should be appointed as the Leader of the Opposition in the Parliament, the Shiv Sena Thackeray group, a constituent party of the Congress and India Alliance, has demanded. For this post, K. C. The names of Venugopal and Manish Tiwari are also discussed.

Tamil Nadu Congress MP Manikam Tagore has expressed his hope that Rahul Gandhi should get the post of Leader of the Opposition from his post on X on social media. “I asked for votes in the name of Rahul Gandhi. I think he should be the Congress leader in the Lok Sabha, said Tagore. Congress Rajya Sabha MP Vivek Tankha has also expressed the same expectation. MP Kirti Chidambaram has also made the same demand.

Shiv Sena Thackeray group MP Sanjay Raut has also expressed positive opinion about Rahul Gandhi getting the post of Leader of the Opposition. “If Rahul Gandhi is ready to take the leadership. So why should we object? He has proven himself as a national leader many times. He is one of the popular leaders. There is no objection and no difference in India Aghadi on this,” Raut said in a press conference.

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