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Radical Islamists behind Moscow attack; but whose 'order' will check: Putin | leader

Leader Online Desk : Who ordered the terrorist attack on Moscow, admitting that radical Islamists are behind it? Saying that this has to be investigated, Russian President Vladimir Putin once again pointed the finger at Ukraine in this case.

Putin has said that the horrific terror attack that took place at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow on Saturday, March 23, was carried out by Islamic extremists. 139 civilians have died in this attack so far. He has also claimed that Ukraine was also involved in this genocide.

We have to check who ordered the attack

The question of who ordered the attack by radical Islamists is yet to be answered. Everyone knows who can benefit from such an attack. Putin added that it could be a link in a whole series of attempts by those who are at war with our country.

Earlier, Putin claimed that “the attackers in the Moscow concert hall tried to escape to Ukraine. For this, they entered the Bryansk region, about 340 km southwest of Moscow. “Some people on the Ukrainian side were prepared to let the four attackers cross the border from Russia.”

The US rejected Russia's claim

Ukrainian President Zelensky denied Putin's accusation. The terrorist organization Islamic State claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack on Moscow. The United States claimed that a month ago, it was warned that such an attack could take place on Russia. The US also said there was no evidence to support that Ukraine had anything to do with the attack.

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