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Lok Sabha Election 2024: 'Slap the students who say Modi-Modi' Congress leader's controversial statement | leader

Leaders Online Desk: BJP has filed a complaint against Karnataka minister and Congress leader Shivraj Tangadgi for making offensive statements against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Tangadgi has made a statement that 'Slap the students who say Modi-Modi'. He made this comment during the Lok Sabha Election 2024 rally at Koppal.

Shivraj S Tangadgi said, “BJP is now campaigning for Lok Sabha Election 2024 but they should be ashamed. Now with which mouth are they asking for votes? BJP had promised two crore jobs. How many people have been employed so far? If the youth ask for employment, they ask to sell pakoras. “However, if students chant Modi-Modi, such students should be slapped,” he said.

Complaint from BJP to Election Commission

According to the Representation of the People Act, the BJP has filed a complaint with the Election Commission against Tangadgi, accusing him of threatening young voters. Such statements may instill fear among the youth and keep them away from voting, the BJP said in the complaint. BJP has said that Tangadgi has violated the code of conduct and should be barred from the election process (Lok Sabha Election 2024) and from campaigning for Congress.

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