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Preparations for third term begin, major decisions to be taken in first 100 days: PM Modi | leader

Leader Online Desk : Our government has started preparations for the third term. We are creating a roadmap for the next five years. Prime Minister Narendra Modi informed today (March 31) that major decisions will be taken in the first 100 days of the third term. He was speaking at a public meeting held in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.

At this time Narendra Modi said that in the last ten years you have seen only the trailer of development. Now we want to take the country on a more progressive path. This year's Lok Sabha election is not only an election to form the government but also for a developed India. The mandate in 2024 Lok Sabha elections will make India the third largest economic power in the world,” he also expressed his belief.

“Modern infrastructure is being developed rapidly in India today. Today, India is investing unprecedentedly in building infrastructure. Today, new opportunities are emerging for the youth in every field. Today, women's power in the country is coming forward with a new resolution. Today, India's credibility is at a new height, the whole world is looking at India in awe,” he added.

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