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PM Modi : Nuclear attack on Ukraine averted because of Modi; America's Confession | leader

Washington : News Agency : The crisis of nuclear attack that arose in the Ukraine war was averted with the intervention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, according to CNN citing two senior US officials. The US reached out to India and some neutral countries after receiving solid information that Russia was preparing to launch a nuclear attack on Ukraine. These officials said that India's mediation worked.

CNN quoted two senior officials in the Biden administration as saying that there was a time in the Ukraine war that began in 2022 that Russia was preparing to launch a nuclear attack on Ukraine. After the Biden administration received information about it, the race broke out. Because if something like that had happened, it would have been the first nuclear attack in the world after Hiroshima Nagasaki and it would have caused immense damage and the consequences could have been anything. So the search for names started to convince Putin. It considered countries that were neutral in this war. India, China and Global South countries came up as alternatives. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a close relationship with Putin, so he contacted Putin. After that, the threat of nuclear attack was averted, these officials said.

Modi had said it before

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a discussion with Putin at the SCO meeting last year. Readers may remember that at that time, Modi had clearly told Putin that the present time is not a time of war.

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