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Nora Fatehi had come to Mumbai with five thousand rupees: She said, she used to share the room with nine girls, her condition was so bad that she had to take therapy.

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Nora Fatehi recently recalled her struggling days in an interview. In the new episode of Mashable India's Bombay Journey, Nora tells that when she moved to India, she faced a lot of difficulties.

India had brought five thousand rupees

Nora said, 'I came to India with only five thousand rupees. I lived in a three BHK apartment with nine girls in Mumbai. After coming here, I started wondering why I did this to myself? I was never ready for all this and even today I feel bad thinking about it.

This was Nora's look during the days of struggle.

This was Nora's look during the days of struggle.

Nora said- I needed therapy

When Nora was asked during the interview how she used to pay the house rent in Mumbai, she said, 'What used to happen then was that the agency for which I worked used to pay the rent of our apartment and deduct its commission. After this I had very little money left. I have spent many days eating one egg, bread and drinking milk. Some agencies harass you a lot. We don't have any rules and regulations for all these things. It was a very bad time for me at that time and if I say seriously, I needed therapy at that time.

Used to get three thousand rupees per week

Nora has talked about her struggling phase in some interviews before. In 2019, he had told in an interview that in those days the agency for which he worked used to pay him only three thousand rupees a week. It became very difficult for him to meet his daily expenses with so little money and by the end of the week he had no money left.

Nora in a scene from 'Madgaon Express'.

Nora in a scene from 'Madgaon Express'.

Made Bollywood debut in 2014 with the film 'Roar'

Nora is originally from Canada. He made his Bollywood debut in 2014 with the film 'Roar: Tigers of the Sundarbans'. After this he was seen in the dance number 'Manohari' of 'Baahubali: The Beginning'.

Nora got her real recognition after joining the reality show 'Bigg Boss 9' as a contestant. After this, many dance numbers filmed on Nora like Dilbar Dilbar, Hi Garmi etc. proved to be hits and she became a star.

Recently Nora has also been seen in the film 'Madgaon Express'. Earlier, she was seen opposite Vidyut Jammwal in the film 'Krack' released in February this year.

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