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Arbaaz Khan said on the changes after marriage: My behavior towards paparazzi has changed, earlier I used to get nervous.

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Arbaaz Khan has been in the news continuously since his second marriage. Meanwhile, he told in an interview that after marriage with Shura Khan, his behavior towards paparazzi has become better than before. Arbaaz Khan said- After marriage, I am in the headlines more for personal reasons than professional.

Arbaaz accepts that marriage has made him more friendly with the paparazzi than before. He said that 10-15 years ago paparazzi was not so prevalent. It has grown very rapidly in the last few years.

Taking his point further, he said that he used to be a little scared of the paparazzi thinking that even when he was in his personal space, the paps would catch him. He said- I wouldn't say that I hated him, but yes, unless I was having a good day, I was not that friendly.

One should behave well with paparazzi- Arbaaz

Arbaaz says that paparazzi are an important part of our lives. You cannot run away from them. We should accept this and behave well with them. Arbaaz said that the paps will keep doing their work whether you like it or not.

Arbaaz and Shura were married on December 24 at sister Arpita's house. The couple had invited only family members and some special friends to their wedding. After the marriage, Shura had shared a proposal video. In the video, Arbaaz is seen proposing to Arpita.

Shura is 15 years younger than Arbaaz

According to reports, 41 year old Shura is 15 years younger than Arbaaz. Shura is a British makeup artist. She worked with Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon and her daughter Rasha. She met Arbaaz on the sets of the film 'Patna Shukla'.

Arbaaz was seen protecting Shura

A video of Arbaaz and Shura is going viral on social media. Arbaaz is seen protecting his wife in the crowd. The way Arbaaz protected his wife in the crowd is also being praised. Actually, the couple had an Iftar party on Mohammed Ali Road in Mumbai. Apart from Arbaaz Khan, Shura Khan, stars like Raveena Tandon and Riddhima Pandit were also seen in it. Everyone sat at one table and had Iftar and broke their fast. The video going viral is of this occasion.

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