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Nandurbar: Prime Minister's post lost dignity because of Modi; Harsh criticism of Priyanka Gandhi

Nandurbar, Leading News Service : I am the priest of Sabari. This is what Prime Minister Modi says. Then hundreds of tribal women were oppressed in Manipur and elsewhere, where was this at that time? Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi asked this question. “Until now, people like Pandit Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Manmohan Singh held the post of Prime Minister while respecting democracy. But because of Modi, the dignity of this post has decreased today”. Candidate of Congress Party in Nandurbar Lok Sabha Constituency Adv. She was speaking at a public meeting for Gowal Padavi's campaign.

What was the priest of Shabri doing when the women were oppressed?

A public meeting was held on Saturday (11th) on the ground in front of Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Hospital at Shahada Bypass in Nandurbar city. BJP candidate from Nandurbar Lok Sabha Constituency Dr. Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a meeting at Nandurbar on Friday (10th) to promote Hina Gavit. In the background of that meeting, people were curious about Priyanka Gandhi's first meeting.

Addressing a public meeting in Nandurbar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had criticized the Congress for never honoring tribal deities and freedom fighters. Priyanka Gandhi speaking in her concrete style said, Prime Minister Modi came to Nandurbar yesterday and said that I am the priest of Shabri. But in Manipur, when a woman is stripped and raped, what was the priest of Shabri doing? In Madhya Pradesh, a tribal person was suspected and his video went viral. Where is Ram who honored Shabri and where is Modi who insulted hundreds of Shabri. (Nandurbar News)

Hemant Soren is the only tribal chief minister, but he was jailed during the elections. What is this if not injustice, oppression of tribals? He also raised such a question. Draupadi Murmu has reached the post of President due to her achievements. But the new parliament is not inaugurated by them. Ram Mandir is not inaugurated. So on the one hand things are done to honor the tribals.

Modi cries for votes in elections

Speaking further, Gandhi said, when elections come, Modi cries like a child and asks for votes. They should learn what courage is from Indiraji, who split Pakistan into two pieces, Modi has never visited a tribal hut and calls himself the priest of Shabri. The wealth that the country had accumulated before this. It has been sold to riches. However, simple loans of farmers are not waived off but industrialists' loans worth Rs.16 lakh crore are waived off. 52 crores taken from a company that supplies covid vaccine across the country, money is taken from those who are raided, cases are filed against them, money is taken from them then the case is pressed. He also alleged that this is the truth of this government. (Nandurbar News)

Our guarantee is to implement Garib Kalyan Yojana

It is our guarantee that if Congress comes back to power, we will implement Garib Kalyan Yojana in the entire country. One lakh rupees will be deposited in the account of each elder woman of a poor household. Everyone will be given a job, GST tax will be abolished, everyone will be given guaranteed employment of at least 400 rupees per day for 100 days. Prepare a special budget for the tribals, give land to the Bhumuihins and declare the areas where the number of tribals are high as scheduled areas. So that tribals get their concessions. He promised to amend the Land Acquisition Act.

District leader of Congress, former minister KC Padvi, Nandurbar District Congress President MLA Shirish Naik, State Vice President Kunal Patil, Nandurbar District Congress Working President Dilip Naik, Pratibha Shinde, leader of Rehabilitation Struggle Committee and others were present on the platform. (Nandurbar News)

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