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My film did not get theaters because of 'Animal' – Siddharth: Responded to those criticizing 'Chittha', said – People did not find 'Animal' disturbing

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Actor Siddharth, who made his mark with the film 'Rang De Basanti', has taken a dig at Ranbir Kapoor starrer film 'Animal'. During an event, Siddharth said that many people had problems with his film 'Chittha'. People said that 'Chittha' is a disturbing film. Actually, the film 'Chitha' is a film based on child sexual abuse. On this, Siddharth says that people did not face any problem in watching 'Mirugam' (Tamil version of Animal). But this film made on awareness seems to be disturbing to the people.

Siddharth said- No woman has told me that she faced any problem in watching 'Chittha'. At the same time, many men said that they have difficulty in seeing 'Chittha'. But he has no problem watching 'Mirugam' (Animal). The blog was disturbing for men. Siddharth said- My film is not disturbing, it is a shameful crime. Which will change soon.

'Chittha' was not getting theaters – Siddharth

Siddharth further said- 'Chitha' and 'Mirugam' were going to be released simultaneously in Telugu. But, many people asked who would come to watch Siddharth's film? I told him that if I made a good film, people would come to watch it. It was to be released on 28 September. But I could not get theatres, Sunil Garu of Asian Films saw the potential of the film and supported me.

Let us tell you, Siddharth and Aditi Rao Hydari have got married. Both of them got married at Sri Ranganayak Swamy Temple in Telangana. According to a report in Great Andhra, Siddharth and Aditi Rao Hydari got married secretly at the Ranganayak Swamy Temple in Srirangapuram district of Telangana. Both were dating each other for the last several years.

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