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Iran-Israel tensions Iran-Israel conflict erupts; 300 missiles fired at Israel! | leader

Tehran/Tel Aviv; News Agency: Iran has finally retaliated against Israel. 300 consecutive drone and missile strikes on Israel on Sunday at 3 midnight Indian time. The US military shot down many of these drones in the air before they crashed; While Israel's Iron Dome and Aero 3 defense system stopped the Iranian missiles.

We neutralized 99 percent of Iran's strikes in the air. Most of the drones and missiles were shot down en route, according to a statement issued by Israel's military. The Nevatim Air Base in Israel's Negev desert was partially damaged in an Iranian attack. 12 people were injured in the accident. The Times of Israel reported that some of the drones released by Iran were shot down in Syria and Jordan on the way.

Iran launched 185 drones and fired 36 cruise missiles, the New York Times reported, citing Israeli officials. Most of the weapons were launched from Iran. Some weapons, however, were also fired from Iraq and Yemen. The news also mentions that Iran fired 110 surface-to-surface missiles.
Iran called the attacks Operation True Promise. In fact, on April 1, Israel launched a missile attack near the Iranian embassy in Syria. 13 people were killed, including 2 of Iran's top military commanders. Israel will have to pay the price for this attack. The threat was given by Iran that we will also attack. America should not get into this debate. Iran had also given Nirvani's warning that otherwise America will also have to face the consequences. The US had asked China as well as Saudi Arabia to resolve this dispute; But even then, if Iran attacks Israel, we will intervene and fight against Iran. When Iran said that it was going to attack Israel, the US immediately sent its special warship to help Israel. The US had also issued an alert to its various military bases in Middle East Asia to be ready to help Israel.

According to the New York Times report, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called an urgent cabinet meeting in the wake of the attack. Several members suggested a counterattack against Iran; But the counterattack was suspended after a phone conversation with US President Joe Biden. Netanyahu said that we will take a decision in this regard only after discussing with the allies.
On the other hand, after the attack on Israel, people cheered in different cities including Tehran in Iran. In Iran's parliament, declarations were made to wipe Israel off the world map. As soon as the work started, the members chanted “Death to Israel, Death to America”.

Iran's state media agency Irna has claimed that Israel has suffered a loss of Rs 836 crore due to our attacks. A few missiles fell on the city of Al-Fahm, Arad, Israel. It created an atmosphere of fear among the people.

Helpline for Indians

A helpline has been issued by the Indian Embassy for Indians living in Israel. It is also suggested that Indian citizens should follow the safety regulations. Israel reopened its airspace at 10 am IST, about 7 hours after the Iranian attack.

Prohibition by the United Nations

UN chief Antonio Guterres condemned the attack by Iran. He has also suggested that Iran should immediately stop these attacks.

No more attacks: Iran

Iran explained its role behind the attack in the United Nations. We retaliated against the Israeli attack on the Iranian embassy. We have the right to self-defense as per the UN Charter. The subject is now over from us; But if Israel retaliates, we will launch bigger attacks, Iran's UN ambassador Amir Saeed said. Iran also submitted a statement to UN chief Antonio Guterres. We do not want to escalate the matter, it said. On the other hand, Turkey, a member of NATO, has made it clear that we will not allow anyone to use our airspace against Iran.

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