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Moushumi Chatterjee took a dig at Jaya Bachchan: While posing for the paparazzi, she said – I am much better than her, remember

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Moushumi Chatterjee was recently seen taking a dig at Jaya Bachchan during an event. He posed smilingly for the paparazzi and also called himself better than Jaya Bachchan.

Jaya Bachchan is often seen angry with paparazzi
Jaya Bachchan is often spotted getting angry at the paparazzi. Whenever the veteran actress makes a public appearance, she gets angry on seeing the paparazzi. Many such videos of Jaya Bachchan have also been trolled a lot on social media.

Actually Moushumi Chatterjee recently attended an event. She got a little angry after seeing the paparazzi present there. On this someone compared her with Jaya Bachchan. Just then Moushumi Chatterjee took a jibe at Jaya Bachchan and said – I am much better than Jaya Bachchan. Remember. If it were not for you guys, where would we be?

Reason for dispute between Moushumi Chatterjee and Jaya Bachchan
Some time ago, during an interview, Moushumi Chatterjee had shared an anecdote. He had told how Jaya Bachchan had replaced him in the film 'Koshish' directed by Gulzar.

Moushumi Chatterjee shared- I shot the film for three days. I could see what manipulations were done in those three days. During that time, Jaya Bachchan's secretary used to stay in the office from morning till night. Suddenly Gulzar, who used to teach Urdu to my mother-in-law, said – You have to shoot from tomorrow till late night. I had a child at that time. So I said- I can't, I have a child at home. I can shoot only in one shift. Hearing this, she then said in front of everyone – You know there are many actresses in line to take that place. I got excited and said- Then take them only.

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