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Moscow Concert Hall Attack: How dangerous is 'IS Khorasan'? Why terrorist attack on Russia? | leader

Leader Online Desk : The world has been shaken by the terrorist attack in Moscow, the capital of Russia. More than 70 civilians have been killed and more than 150 injured in this dastardly attack. The terrorist organization Islamic State-Khorasan has claimed responsibility for the attack. US intelligence agencies had earlier warned that Russia would be attacked in this way. Yet IS-Khorasan carried out the attack. (Moscow Concert Hall Attack) Let's know about the reason behind the terrorist attack with 'IS Khorasan'…

When did 'IS Khorasan' terrorist organization come into existence?

America attacked Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein. Sadam was imprisoned. After this the war continued for a long time. In this, Iraq became completely helpless. As soon as the American troops left Iraq, many terrorist organizations came into existence. In 2006, Al-Qaeda leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi founded the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a radical Islamic terrorist organization. By then, he had changed the name of Al-Qaeda in Iraq to the Islamic State of Iraq in order to take over Iraq. IS-Khorasan claimed responsibility for today's terrorist attack on Russia. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is a branch of the radical Islamic terrorist organization. In 2014, these terrorist organizations came into existence in eastern Afghanistan. There was a region in ancient times called Khorasan. The region once included parts of Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, and Iraq. Currently it is part of Afghanistan and Syria. The Khorasan group of ISIS consists of people with different ideologies associated with the terrorist organization Al Qaeda. The group operates mainly from Syria and Khorasan.

How dangerous is 'IS Khorasan'?

IS-Khorasan has carried out several terrorist attacks in Afghanistan in the past. In 2021, when the US decided to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan after the Taliban took over, there were two suicide attacks outside the Kabul airport. At least 60 people, including US Marine commandos, were killed in these attacks. More than 100 people were injured, including five American soldiers.

IS-Khorasan claimed responsibility for a deadly explosion at a girls' school in the Afghan capital Kabul in May 2023, killing 68 people and injuring 165. The terrorist organization also attacked the British-American HALO Trust in June 2023, killing 10 and injuring 16.

Why attacked Russia?

Colin Clark of the Soffen Center in Washington told Reuters that Russian President Putin had sent Russian troops into Syria to support the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad. This decision of Putin was strongly opposed by ISIS. The IS-Khorasan terrorist organization has been opposed to Russian President Vladimir Putin since its inception. He also said that this attack may have been caused by the feeling that Russia is our enemy. Colin Clark of the Softan Center for the Study of Foreign Policy in the United States said, “The IS-Khorasan organization has been taking a stand against Putin for the past two years. The organization claims that Russia is complicit in oppressing Muslims around the world.

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