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Maldivian President again lashed out against India; Saying, “Indian soldier..” | leader

Leader Online Desk : Maldivian President Muizzoo, who is close to China, has once again lashed out against India. He has said that Indian soldiers are not allowed to stay in Maldives even in plain clothes after May 10. The Maldives President made this statement before the first team of Indian technical personnel left for Maldives by March 10. Also, Maldives recently signed an agreement with China to receive free military aid.

According to a report, while addressing the community at Ba Atoll Aidhafushi, President Muizzou said, “We have denied permission to the Indian Army. But some people are spreading false rumors about the government. Now these people are saying that they are going to live in Maldives in the guise of Indian soldiers. But this is a rumour.

Indian Army will not stay in Maldives even in plain clothes

“After May 10, not a single Indian soldier will remain in the country permanently. There is a discussion that Indian soldiers will stay in plain clothes instead of military uniform, but the President of Maldives has said that there will be no Indian soldiers in Maldives.

On February 2, the two countries had agreed that India would withdraw its troops from the Maldives between March and May. On February 8, External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal had said that Indian technical staff would be appointed to replace the existing staff. They will continue to operate two helicopters and one Dornier aircraft in the Maldives.

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