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Indians at Israel | Advisory issued for security of Indians in Israel after Lebanon attack leader

Leaders Online Desk: An Indian citizen was killed near Israel's northern border in an anti-tank missile attack from Lebanon. Two people have been injured in this attack. According to the news agency PTI, this incident took place on Monday and these three are of Indian origin from Kerala. After this incident, the Indian government has issued an advisory for Indians on the Israel border. They have been asked to shift to a safe place, reports said 'India Today'is given by (Indians at Israel)

In view of the prevailing security situation and local security advisory, all Indian nationals in Israel, especially those working or visiting border areas in the North and South, are advised to relocate to safe areas in Israel. “All Israeli authorities are in touch with us to ensure the safety of Indian citizens,” the Indian Embassy in Israel said in a post on X. (Indians at Israel)

A missile attack from Lebanon targeted a garden near the Margaliot community in Israel's northern border region. An Indian citizen died in this. A day after this, the Indian Embassy has advised Indians in the border area to be cautious. (Indians at Israel)

A missile fired from Lebanon hit an area in Margaliot, a moshav (collective agricultural community) in Israel's northern Galilee region around 11 am on Monday, Defense Services Magen David Adom (MDA) spokesperson Zaki Heller told PTI. The deceased in this incident has been identified as Patnibeen Maxwell. He is originally from Kollam, Kerala. The names of the two injured Indians are Bush Joseph George and Paul Melvin.

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