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Malaika Arora broke her silence on divorce: Said- People thought I had received a huge amount of alimony, they made fun of me

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Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan ended their 19-year-long marriage in 2017. The news of their divorce had shocked people. Recently Malaika talked about divorce. She told what kind of problems she had to face after her divorce from Arbaaz.

Malaika Arora talked about divorce
Malaika Arora, in an interview given to Pinkvilla, told the reason for getting married at the age of 25. He said- I did not marry due to pressure from my family. I did not grow up in a family where I was told that after this age you have to get married. Rather, I was told by my family to live life openly, go out and enjoy, and meet as many people as possible. But I don't know what came to my mind. I told myself that I have to get married by the age of 22-23. This was my own decision. Because I felt this was the best option for me at that time. But after a few years of marriage, I realized that maybe I don't want this.

People targeted Malaika during divorce
When Malaika decided to separate from Arbaaz, she had to hear many kinds of taunts. Malaika said- When I took the decision to get divorced, I did not think that women in the industry were moving forward after divorce. At the time of divorce, I felt that this was very important for me and for my personal growth, only then I would be able to be happy. I wanted to keep myself and my son happy in such a situation. That's why I took divorce from Arbaaz.

People also made lewd comments for Malaika
Malaika Arora also talked about a publication when an article was written on her outfit. Very lewd comments started coming for Malaika on that article. It was written in the article – Malaika can afford very expensive outfits, because she has received a huge amount in alimony. Malaika was stunned to see this news.

Malaika-Arbaaz got married in 1998
Ever since the two stopped appearing together in the popular reality show 'Power Couple', there were speculations about their separation. Both of them got married in 1998 and now they have a 21 year old son Arhaan.

These were the thoughts on getting into a relationship again.
When Malaika was asked whether after the break of one relationship, another relationship can be formed, she said – Yes, why not. It is important to move on after a relationship breaks up. Dating someone again after a breakup is difficult, but not impossible.

Malaika said about life after divorce – For the first time you feel the meaning of a kind of freedom. Meet new people. You sleep alone in bed. This is also a kind of new thing. It is refreshing that you do not have to share your bed, your space with anyone.

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