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Loksabha Election 2024 : How did Prashant Kishor emerge as a political strategist? Why did they distance themselves from Narendra Modi? | leader

Leaders Online Desk: Prashant Kishor, known as a prominent name in the field of political consultancy and a strategist, is always in the news. Prashant Kishore aka 'PK' who came into the limelight in 2011 is a popular strategist. He has succeeded in the elections for which he has planned so far. Prashant Kishor, who was close to Narendra Modi, became the prime minister in 2024 but became distant from Modi, there were frequent discussions. So how did Prashant Kishor emerge as a political strategist? Why did they distance themselves from Narendra Modi? Let's see in detail. (Loksabha Election 2024)

It started as an 'Election Strategist'….

Prashant Kishor worked as a public health specialist at the United Nations, having worked in India and Africa under the United Nations. He wrote a thesis on malnutrition and the challenging situation in the Indian states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Haryana and Karnataka. After the research paper was published, it came to the attention of Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi then invited Prashant Kishor to work on improving nutrition indicators in 2011. After that, Prashant Kishor came directly from South Africa to Gujarat Chief Minister's office i.e. Swarnim Sankul-1 in Gandhinagar. After this, Prashant Kishor's 'election strategy' started.

Narendra Modi became Chief Minister for the third time.

The relationship between Prashant Kishor and Narendra Modi is getting stronger day by day. At that time Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Prashant Kisher became an integral part of the BJP campaign for the 2012 Gujarat Assembly elections. Narendra Modi won Gujarat Assembly Election 2012. He became the Chief Minister of Gujarat for the third time. After winning this election, Prashant Kishor and Narendra Modi set their sights on doing something bigger.

2014 General Election and Establishment of CAG

There was a general election in 2014. In this election, a nationwide branding campaign was launched to project Narendra Modi as the BJP's best prime ministerial contender, its supporter of development, the government's only hope. This led Prashant Kishor and his colleagues to set up CAG (Citizens for Accountable Governance), a non-governmental campaign company, in 2013 to spearhead the 2014 campaign. Meanwhile, many who quit their jobs in IT companies and consulting firms to become Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2012-13 pitched their ideas on what could be done in the Gujarat Chief Minister's office and how they could contribute to the election campaign. Proposals were coming from people who are eligible. However, it was proposed that a new organization should be established to bring everyone together and to give strategic direction to the Narendra Modi Prime Minister campaign. Narendra Modi gave the same leadership to Prashant Kishor. All were then gathered under the roof of the CAG. And the 2014 BJP campaign was run under this company.

During the general election campaign of 2014, various programs and camouflages were used. Among these are Run for Unity, Shrestha Bharat, Manthan, 3D Hologram Sabha, Chai Pe Charcha etc. While Manthan brought together students from India's leading colleges, the program 'Chai Pe Charcha' was the talk of the country. Narendra Modi became the prime minister after BJP got majority in this election.

Loksabha Election 2024 : Prashant Kishore-BJP split?

Although there is controversy among BJP leaders over the role played by the CAG in the battle for credit after the unprecedented victory in the 2014 elections, it is clear that the CAG and Kishore himself handled many aspects of Modi's personal branding and changed his image from a Hindu fundamentalist to a 'development man'.

After the formation of BJP government in 2014. Kishore was removed from his position as a confidant of Prime Minister Modi and soon found himself with no role in the new administration. It was speculated that Kishore's desire for political office might be the reason. CAG was not a very money making company considering the situation at that time. It was a group of committed volunteers who came forward for a cause, giving up lakhs a month to work on a paltry stipend of a few thousand. Like most party workers, many in the group believed that their efforts would be rewarded once the party came to power. But this never happened and the rift between Kishore and the BJP grew. Meanwhile, Amit Shah was promoted to the post of BJP President. Prashant Kishor was also credited for this. But the Amit Shah group started being talked about as a threat from Kishore. Amit Shah and Prashant Kishor's controversy and displeasure started to be discussed on many things. But neither of them ever confirmed it.

Loksabha Election 2024 : I have chosen the path of Bihar…

In a recent interview to a news channel, Prashant Kishor was asked, are you planning to work with Prime Minister Narendra Modi? Speaking on this, he said, “Now they don't need people like us. Now he has become the Prime Minister. Now our path is different. Now I have chosen the route of Bihar. “

Election strategist Prashant Kishor alias PK was separated after Narendra Modi became Prime Minister. In an interview, Prashant Kishor revealed that, “At that time there was no agreement between the two sides regarding the special professional setup or models proposed for election and administration. Whatever Narendra Modi had promised before the elections, he could not fulfill after becoming the Prime Minister.” At this time, he also clarified that after Narendra Modi won the election and became the Prime Minister, he neither wanted direct access to the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) nor had any quarrel with Union Minister Amit Shah.

(The book How to win an Indian election has been used as a reference for this article.)

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