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Lok Sabha Election : Lok Sabha Election 2024 will be the longest in the history of the country; The Election Commission said 'these' reasons leader

Leaders Online Desk: The Election Commission announced today (16th) the dates of the Lok Sabha elections. After the announcement of these dates, the most talked about topic is the duration of the polling process. The Election Commission has said that the duration of this year's Lok Sabha is the longest. Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar gave this information while informing about the dates and procedure of Lok Sabha elections today

The Chief Election Commissioner said that the voting process for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections will be completed in 44 days. It will therefore be the longest voting period since the first Lok Sabha election in 1951-52. Voting in the first election lasted more than four months. The shortest voting period for a general election in the country was in 1980, when voting was completed in just four days.

Voting process starts from 19th April

At this time, the election process will be completed in a total of 82 days from the announcement of the election by the Election Commission to the counting of votes. The voting process for the Lok Sabha elections will begin from April 19, voting will be held in seven phases, and the counting of votes will be held on June 4. It will be the largest election process in the world. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trying for the post for the third time in a row in this election.

Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar, when asked about such a long period of voting in a press conference, said that the dates of the polls have been fixed keeping in mind public holidays, festivals and examinations. The country's first general election was held from 25 October 1951 to 21 February 1952, the longest election in terms of duration.

Election Commission committed to meet the challenges

Announcing the schedule for the general elections, Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Rajeev Kumar said that the Election Commission is fully committed to meet the challenges. He said, “Difficult challenges to conduct free and fair elections are of four types – muscle power, money power, misinformation and violation of code of conduct.”

According to Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar, more than 97 crore voters will exercise their right to vote in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. “The Election Commission is preparing to set up 10.5 lakh polling booths across the country,” he said. On this occasion, two new Election Commissioners Gyanesh Kumar and Sukhbir Singh Sandhu were present along with the Chief Election Commissioner.

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