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Lok Sabha Election Date 2024: Lok Sabha Mahasangram; Lok Sabha Elections in Maharashtra in 5 Phases; Phase 1 on May 7 | leader

Leader Online Desk: The Election Commissioner has made an important announcement regarding the Lok Sabha elections today (16). Lok Sabha elections will be held throughout the country during this period. Meanwhile, voting for 48 Lok Sabha seats in Maharashtra will be held in 5 phases. These five phases will be completed from May 7 to June 1. Finally, the fifth phase of voting will be held in Maharashtra in five phases between 7th, 13th, 20th, 25th and 1st June. The Election Commission clarified during the press conference today (16th) that the Lok Sabha election results in all the states of the country will be announced on June 4. Election Commission Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar, Election Commissioner Sukhbir Singh Sandhu and Dyanesh Kumar were present on this occasion. (Lok Sabha Election Date 2024)

As the tenure of the Lok Sabha ends on June 16, India is the world's largest democracy. The entire election system is ready. There are 97 crore registered voters, 1.5 crore officers and employees will conduct the Lok Sabha election process. There are 1 crore 52 lakh new voters. Out of this, 85 lakh new women voters are going to be. There are 948 women voters for every 1000 men in India. 48 thousand third parties are going to vote. Women vote more than men in 12 states. 55 lakh EVMs, 4 lakh vehicles will be in the process. So get ready to get your finger inked; The Election Commissioner explained this appeal during the conference. (Lok Sabha Election Date 2024)

Assembly by-elections in Bihar, Gujarat, Haryana, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Telangana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu will be held in the first phase along with the Lok Sabha. The Lok Sabha elections will be held in 7 phases. Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar explained that the first phase will be held on April 19, the second phase on April 26, the third phase on May 7, the fourth phase on May 13, the fifth phase on May 20, the sixth phase on May 25 and the seventh phase on June 1.


Violence will be tolerated in the election process

There will be 2 lakh voters above 100 years of age in India. There are 82 lakh voters above 85 years. Therefore, elderly voters above 85 years and disabled voters will be able to vote from home. The Commission clarified that the Election Commission itself will go to the house and take the vote. Also, a control room will be set up in every district to prevent violence during the election process. Therefore, the Election Commission made it clear that any kind of violence will not be tolerated. He also said that special steps have been taken for violence-free election process. To prevent misappropriation of money

Strict action if spread fake news, information through social media

In today's digital and social age, combating misinformation is difficult. We have taken measures to prevent misinformation. We are proactive in eliminating fake news. Those who create fake news will be dealt with strictly as per existing laws. Remember, “Verify Before You Amplify” is the mantra to combat fake news. Let's rely on authoritative sources to ensure that accurate information is prevalent. Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar also urged us to be vigilant and help us maintain the integrity of the election process.

Avoid personal attacks, foul language; Appeal to political parties

The Election Commission is gearing up to select a discourse issue during the election campaign. Urge parties to refrain from personal attacks and foul language. Use defined language to maintain civility during the campaign. The Election Commission has also appealed to the political parties not to cross the border in their rivalry.

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