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Lok Sabha Election 2024: “The platform belongs to the BJP, but I am with them”; eat Navneet Rana explained the role leader

Nagpur; Leading News Service: As a component party of 'NDA', today (4th) I received an invitation to attend the BHA Yumo General Assembly in Nagpur. “The platform belongs to the BJP, but I am with them”, MP Navneet Rana explained his future direction. All the political parties have started preparing in the background of the Lok Sabha elections. Meanwhile, the movement in many parties has gained momentum.

Speaking further, MP Rana said, “I am with Prime Minister Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and Devendra Fadnavis. I have people's support and I will proceed according to the orders given by the party leadership”, he also clarified while talking to the media today. (Lok Sabha Election 2024)

PM Modi gave Vidarbha a different identity – Khasdar Rana

Speaking further, he also said that there is no question of leaving Amravati. Loksabha ground is not only Navneet Rana's, everyone has right to fight, I am sure to fight. A decision will be made in the Grand Alliance. As much as we have workers, they are our family. I can also understand their curiosity. Vidarbha got a different identity because of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He emphasized that in the last five years I have had the opportunity to raise the issues of Amravati and its development. Also further, will BJP enter today? He took a cautious stance on the question asked by these media representatives. (Lok Sabha Election 2024)

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