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Lok Sabha Election 2024 | Kolhapur Congress, Sangli Thackeray, talks with Raju Shetty in Hatkanangale, Sanjay Raut's information | leader

Leaders Online: The Mahavikas Aghadi has settled on the disputed seats for the Lok Sabha elections. The official announcement is likely to be made today or tomorrow. Thackeray group MP Sanjay Raut has given this information. Sharad Pawar along with the senior leaders of the Congress party held a meeting at the Nehru Center and the final paper for seat allocation has been prepared.

Rich Shahu Maharaj Chhatrapati will be Congress candidate in Kolhapur. We have substituted Sangli for Kolhapur. In Sangli, Double Maharashtra Kesari Chandrahar Patil is the candidate. Raut said that Uddhav Thackeray will go to Sangli for his campaign in two days.

It has been decided to give the seat of Ramtek to the Congress. Due to this, the discussion about this place has ended here. We have the place of Hatkanangale. Discussion is going on here with Raju Shetty. Congress party is discussing with Prakash Ambedkar. Some other leaders are also discussing with him. It is positive that Prakash Ambedkar came to the discussion yesterday, Raut said.

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