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As soon as he won the presidential election, Putin threatened the third world war leader

Leader Online Desk : President Vladimir Putin has once again won the Russian Presidential Elections. Due to this, he is ready to become the President of Russia for the fifth time in a row. Addressing the country after the victory, Putin has threatened the countries of Europe to start the third world war. Similarly, America's democracy has also been mocked.

In his first speech after the results of Russia's presidential election were announced today (March 18), Vladimir Putin said a clash between Russia and the US-led NATO alliance would mean the world is just one step away from World War III.

NATO troops still in Ukraine

French President Emmanuel Macron has made it clear that he has not ruled out the possibility of landing his troops in Ukraine in the future. Putin said, 'In today's modern era, anything is possible; But if that happens, World War III is not far away. NATO troops are still in Ukraine. Russia has information that British and French soldiers are on the battlefield in Ukraine. He warned that this is not a good thing for them, and threatened that the third world war is not far away.

Russia is ready for talks

“France can play an important role in the talks because everything is not over yet,” Putin said on the Ukraine war. I have already explained. Now again we are ready for discussion. But the discussion should not be held only because the enemy has run out of ammunition, but the discussion should be done seriously. If there is to be peace, they will have to maintain good relations as neighboring countries.”

Praise for Trump and mourning the death of an opponent…

At this time, Putin mocked America's democracy. 'The whole world is laughing at America. what's going on there Putin also indirectly praised Trump saying that the entire state apparatus is deployed against Trump. He also mourned the death of his opponent Alexei Navalny. Navalny recently died under suspicious circumstances in a Russian prison. Navalny was considered an opponent of Putin. Putin was blamed for Navalny's death.

Vladimir Putin became the President of Russia for the first time in the 2000 presidential election. After this, he was able to retain power in the presidential elections held in 2004, 2012 and 2018. Now once again Putin has succeeded in keeping the reins of power in Russia for the next six years.

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