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Lok Sabha Election 2024: Gaurav Vallabh joins BJP within hours after leaving Congress leader

Leader Online Desk : Congress National Spokesperson Gaurav Vallabh joined the BJP within hours of resigning from the party today (April 4). Former Bihar Congress President Anil Sharma also joined the BJP in the presence of BJP National General Secretary Vinod Tawde.

Gaurav Vallabh leaves Congress after drawing criticism

“Today the Congress party is moving in a directionless direction. One cannot speak well of Sanatan Dharma and those who create wealth in the country,” Congress leader Gaurav Vallabh announced, “Expressing such regret, I am resigning from all posts and primary membership of the Congress Party. Ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Congress leader Gaurav Vallabh resigned from the primary membership of the party on Thursday. After this, X posted a two-page resignation letter to Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge, criticizing the policies of the party and raising questions.

The current directionless movement of the Congress party

In his letter, Gaurav Vallabh has said that he was disturbed by the party's stance for the past few days. When I joined the Congress party, I believed that Congress is the oldest party in the country, where young, intelligent people and their ideas are respected; But in the last few years I have realized that the present form of the party is not favorable. It is very difficult to bridge the gap between big leaders and grassroots activists, which is politically necessary. Positive change is not possible unless the worker can give direct instructions to his leader. The Congress party is currently going in a directionless direction. So I am leaving the party. Today I cannot speak against Sanat Dharma and those who misuse the country's wealth. Therefore, I am resigning from all posts and primary membership of the Congress Party.”

The entire Hindu society seems to be opposing the party

'I am unhappy with the Congress party's stand on the occasion of the consecration of Lord Shri Rama in Ayodhya. I am a Hindu by birth and a teacher by profession. This stance of the party has always disturbed me. Many associated with the party and the alliance speak out against Sanatan, and the party's silence on it is tantamount to oppressive approval. On one hand we talk about caste wise census and on the other hand the entire Hindu society seems to be opposing the party. This style of working gives a misleading message to the society. He also clarified in the letter that this party is a supporter of a particular religion, which is against the basic principles of the Congress.
Is it wrong to do business in our country and make money?”

Congress' stance on economic matters has always been to insult and abuse the wealth creators of the country. Today we have gone against the liberalisation, privatization and globalization (LPG) policies. For the implementation of which the world has given us full credit. Is it wrong to earn money by doing business in our country?”, he has also asked this question.
I should use my financial capacity for the benefit of the country. I had joined the Congress party for this. The economic policy of the party could have been presented at the national level. But it was not useful in the manifesto or policy of the party. It is nothing short of breath-taking for a person like me who knows about financial matters,” he added.

Who is Gaurav Vallabh?

Gaurav Vallabh is a resident of Pipar village in Jodhpur district. After completing his PhD, he was appointed as a professor at XLRI College, Jamshedpur. He entered politics by joining the Congress. He was the national spokesperson of the party. In the 2019 assembly elections, he had contested from the Congress from the Jamshedpur East constituency. After this, in 2023, he contested Rajasthan Assembly elections from Udaipur constituency.

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