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Kolhapuri blankets and Solapuri sheets attract Italy, Vietnam | leader

Prashant Baghaye

New Delhi; Leading News Service: The state's Kolhapuri Ghongdi, the famous Chadar of Solapur, along with bamboo clothes, towels, napkins made in Solapur have attracted customers from all over the world. Solapuri chadar, various garments made from bamboo in Solapur and blankets from Kolhapur will now go overseas to countries like Italy, Vietnam. At the World Textile Festival held in Delhi, 'Pudhari' pointed out that the products of Solapur, Kolhapur are in demand all over the world.

The World Textile Festival was recently held in the capital Delhi. 28 stalls of Maharashtra state were set up in this textile festival. In this, the products made from bamboo in Solapur of Maharashtra, Solapuri chadar, Kolhapuri blankets were preferred by the customers and traders from home and abroad. Handloom Corporation and Machine Loom Corporation of Maharashtra State Government had set up stalls related to this product in the textile festival. Also, through these corporations, private organizations related to bamboo textile industry also had their halls. Customers from all states of the country and customers and traders from other countries came to this place. Trident and WellsOne, the leading towel manufacturing brands in India and the world, have also shown interest in these items.

Meanwhile, Beyond Terry Towel of Solapur under Yantramag Corporation had set up a stall at this place. Beyond Terry Towel manufactures garments, towels, napkins. On this occasion Govind Zhanwar, director of Beyond Terry Towel, interacted with 'Pudhari'. Govind Zhanwar said, “Traders from the country and abroad are intending to do business in their country by signing deals on bamboo products. He has expressed that desire. Trident and WellsOne are two leading towel manufacturing brands in India. He has also shown special interest in all these products made from bamboo in Maharashtra. Textiles made from bamboo in Solapur city got a national and international platform through the World Textile Festival. The product manufactured by local artisans is in demand in the global market, which is a matter of prestige for the state and the country. This is a good initiative of the government. National and international traders and customers gathered in this. Due to this, the products of Solapur are reaching the country and the world. Such exhibitions should be held every year. Also, research and development schemes and facilities should be made available by the government for the bamboo textile industry. If that happens, there could be a major revolution in the bamboo textile business.” He also said.

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