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Kolhapur Football: 'Naad Khula' football lover in Kolhapur… gave a prize of three lakhs for a goal! | leader

Leaders Online Desk: There are many stories of football fans in Kolhapur city who are called 'football lovers'. In Kolhapur, wrestling and football are said to be the sports fans of the city that fill the stadiums. Currently, Shiv-Shahu Cup is going on at Shahu Stadium in Kolhapur. In the competition, a match was played between Khandoba Talim Mandal and Sri Vetalmal Talim Mandal on Tuesday (2nd). During the match, a fan of Vetalmal team announced a reward of three lakh rupees for scoring a goal. The talk of this prize is currently raging in the city. (Kolhapur Football)

51 thousand for the first girl… 1 lakh for the second and 1.5 lakh for the third girl…

In the match between Khandoba Talim Mandal and Shree Vetalmal Talim in the Shiv-Shahu tournament, football enthusiast Rajendra Salokhe announced a cash prize of over Rs 3 lakh for a player of his team to score a goal in the match. The first goal was scored by Khandoba. He announced a reward of 51 thousand rupees to pay him. Aakash Mali of Vetalmal won the award by scoring a goal. After this, Khandoba scored the second goal. Salokhe again announced a reward of 1 lakh 1 thousand rupees for another goal from Vetal. This award was won by Sarvesh Wadkar by scoring a goal.

As the match was tied 2-2, the jealousy on the field increased. Salokhe announced a prize of Rs 1 lakh 51 thousand for the player who scored the third goal from Vetalmal; But as no goals were scored till the end of the match, the prize was given to the Vetalmal team. For the first time in Kolhapur's football history, a prize of more than 3 lakh rupees was announced for a goal, there was a surprise among football fans. (Kolhapur Football)

The match was tied 2-2 at full time

Shiv-Shahu Chasak football tournament organized by Samyukt Juna Budhwar Peth Sevabhavi Sansthan is going on at Chhatrapati Shahu Stadium. On Tuesday, the third semi-final match of the tournament was played between Khandoba Talim vs Vetalmal Talim. From the start of the match, both teams played fast and aggressively. Khandoba's Prabhu Powar scored a goal in the first half of the match to give the team the lead. In the second half, Vetalmal's Akash Mali equalized the match 1-1 with a goal in the 56th minute. After this, Khandoba's Keval Kamble scored a goal in the 62nd minute to take a 2-1 lead again. This goal was repaid by Sarvesh Wadkar of Vetalmal in the 73rd minute. This left the match tied 2-2 at full time.

Vetalmal wins in tiebreaker

As the match ended in a tie, tie-breaker was adopted for the result. A shot by Khandoba's Sankade Medha in Taib-Acre was blocked by goalkeeper Ayush Chougale. Vetalmal's Prathamesh Kamble's shot was blocked by Khandoba's goalie Arnendu Dutta. After this Khandoba's Aditya Laikar, Bisal Tigga, Keval Kamble scored perfect goals. Prabhu Powar's shot was blocked by goalkeeper Ayush Chowgle. In response, Pranav Kanse, Sandeep Powar, Prathamesh Patil and Yash Chikro from Vetalmal scored accurate goals to give the team a 4-3 victory.

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