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Katchatheevu Island row | PM Modi targets DMK after Congress for giving island to Sri Lanka | leader

Leaders Online Desk: In the background of the Lok Sabha elections, the issue of giving the Kachathivu island in Tamil Nadu to Sri Lanka has become very hot. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday attacked the Congress' strategic decision to give Kachathivu Island to Sri Lanka. He said that the then Indira government harshly and insensitively gave the 'Kachathivu' island to Sri Lanka. After that, PM Modi now also targeted the DMK party in Tamil Nadu from the same Kachathivu island. (Katchatheevu Island row)

PM Modi while criticizing 'DMK' has said that the details of the right to information about Kachathivu island have exposed the duplicity of the DMK party. DMK has done nothing to protect the interests of Tamil Nadu except just talk. Congress and DMK are family entities. They only care about the growth of their own children. They don't care about anyone else. PM Narendra Modi has also alleged that due to the apathy of the DMK party in Tamil Nadu, the interests of the poor fishermen and women have been damaged. (Katchatheevu Island row)

Congress can never be trusted; PM Modi

It is Congress that is undermining the unity, integrity and interests of India. PM Modi has also criticized that Congress has worked using the same method in the last 75 years. This has angered every Indian and once again anger has arisen against it. PM Modi has made it clear that we can never trust Congress because of this.

What exactly is the issue of 'Kachathivu Island' currently in possession of Sri Lanka?

In the case of 'Kachathivu Island' in the territory of Tamil Nadu and currently under the control of Sri Lanka, the reply received from the RTI shows that in 1974, the then Indira Gandhi government had given the Kachathivu Island to Sri Lanka as per an agreement. Official documents and parliamentary records reveal that the then Indian government lost the battle for control of a small country on an island in the Palk Strait. On the other hand, the government of Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) made all efforts to grab this island. After this revelation about Kachathevu Island through RTI, there has been a stir in the political circles.

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