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And announcements of 'Hindustan Zindabad' by Pakistani sailors leader

Islamabad; News Agency: Somali pirates at sea are a very cruel tribe. 23 Pakistani sailors were held hostage by these pirates. There was no telling when a Somali would kill a Pakistani, and the Indian Navy came across as an angel. Fights Somali pirates and saves the lives of Pakistani sailors! These Pakistani sailors spontaneously and from the stem of the Bembi then proclaim… 'Hindustan Zindabad'!

Crossing the ocean, the slogan reaches the world and Jaggi says, India is India after all… Bharat toh Bharat hi hai!
The Indian Navy was informed that the Iranian ship Al Ambar was hijacked by nine Somali pirates near the Gulf of Aden in the Indian Ocean. The Indian Navy impounded the ship on 29 March. Navy freed 23 Pakistani sailors from Iranian ship; But nine pirates were also jailed. Now all Pak sailors are safe and they have not forgotten to express their gratitude. These Pakistanis also made a special video for it. It is now going viral.

In this video, the chief of Pakistani sailors says, My name is Amir Khan. I was the master of a hijacked ship. We were coming from Iran. Then the pirates hijacked our ship. Just when we thought it was all over, on March 29 at 3 PM, the Indian Navy arrived like an angel. These naval personnel fought through the night. Set us free. Thanks to the Indian Navy… Hindustan Zindabad!

Also Know…

2 Indian Navy warships INS Sumedha and INS Trishul conducted the operation for 12 hours.
– The Indian Navy had earlier rescued 19 Pakistani sailors from a similar crisis in January.

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