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Jalalabad Blast Case: Khalistani militant Surat Singh's property seized in Jalalabad blast

New Delhi, Leader News Service : Jalalabad Blast Case : The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Friday seized the property of Surat Singh, an accused in the Jalalabad blast case and an associate of Khalistani militants in Pakistan. On September 15, 2021, a bomb planted in a tiffin box exploded in a two-wheeler in Jalalabad, Punjab. NIA informed that Suratsingh played an important role in this case.

Assets of Khalistani militants Habib Khan and Lakhvir Singh along with Surat Singh were confiscated under the provisions of the NDPS Act 1985. Jalalabad blast accused Habib Khan alias Doctor and Lakhbir Singh alias Rode in India along with Surat Singh and other accomplices had carried out ID blasts in Punjab, NIA probe has found. (Jalalabad Blast Case)

These accused had formed a militant gang to carry out drug trafficking and terrorist activities. The chief of this tribe was Surat Singh. The NIA also clarified that he was involved in smuggling drugs, explosives, arms and bomb stocks from Pakistan.

Suratsingh used virtual numbers and encrypted communication media such as WhatsApp to create bogus ID cards to run drug smuggling and terrorist rackets. The NIA said that the gang torched a car and some shops in Ferozepur city before the blast. (Jalalabad Blast Case)

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