Friday, June 14, 2024

Air India's decision to cancel flights to Tel Aviv till April 30 due to Iran-Israel tensions

New Delhi, Leading News Service: Air India has canceled all flights to Israel's capital Tel Aviv till April 30. Tensions are rising between Iran and Israel. So Air India Company took this decision. Air India said flights to and from Tel Aviv on both sides were canceled due to the war.

A bellicose situation arose between Iran and Israel. This created an atmosphere of tension in both the countries. Based on this background, Air India had earlier said that it had canceled flights to Tel Aviv on April 14 (Sunday). Now the situation is getting more serious. Seeing this again, the company on Friday (April 19) posted on social media X and canceled all flights till April 30.

In the post, Air India said, “We are continuously monitoring the situation and assisting our passengers. A one-time discount on rescheduling and ticket cancellation fees was granted to those who booked travel to and from Tel Aviv during this period. The safety of our customers and employees is a top priority.”

Along with this, the company has said that it is committed to provide more information to the customers 24 hours a day, and passengers are requested to contact the number 011-69329333/ 011-69329999. Also more information regarding this from the company Also available on this website.

All flights were canceled from October 7, 2023 due to Hamas attacks on Israel. After five months on March 3, 2024, Air India resumed operations, but due to rising tensions again, Air India had to decide to cancel the service.

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