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Holi 2024 | Hutashani Purnima; Know the timing of Holi and the scientific reason behind celebrating Holi leader

Phalgun Shuddha Poornima means Holi Poornima. Another name of Holi is Hutashani Poornima. Holi is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm in the city as well as in the villages. When Holi comes, the boys who gather wood for Holi sing from the streets. (Holi 2024)

What is old is out of date, unpleasant. Burn it and destroy it. The true message of Holi is to embrace the new, the good, the sublime. Such is the meaning of Holi according to time. Holi teaches us sacrifice, dedication. (Happy Holi 2024)

Everyone should adopt the qualities of humanity such as love, harmony, affection, kindness, happiness, contentment and compassion by removing the evils like hatred, anger, greed, jealousy from their minds and burning them in Holika. This is why we should all celebrate this Holikotsov. (Holi 2024)

Holi 2024 : Scientific reason behind celebrating Holi

Holi is the festival that marks the beginning of the spring season. Time for winter to end and summer to begin. The cycle of nature is the time to go from calm to fiery. In cold days, our body is sluggish. It feels like physical fatigue. Due to spring, the temperature in the atmosphere gradually starts increasing. The fire lit by Holi burning provides heat to the human body. Cold helps to energize the body which is sluggish. Holi is celebrated to make people accept this change in nature.

Holi and lunar eclipse

Since the lunar eclipse of 24 March 2024 is a solar eclipse, there are no rules to follow for such an eclipse. In India this Chhaya Kalpa lunar eclipse will not be visible, also outside India this eclipse will be visible in some places, but its rules are not to be followed. Information that on Sunday 24th March Holi should be lit as usual after sunset during Pradosh period i.e. generally till 9 pm and Holi festival should be celebrated. Panchangkarte Mohan Date Given by

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