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Heat ravages Delhi NCR; 33 people died in the capital

New Delhi, Leading News Service: Scorching heat continues in NCR including capital Delhi. After Noida, 33 people have died due to heatstroke in Delhi. Nine people lost their lives due to heat in Noida. Wednesday (19th) was the hottest day in Delhi in 12 years.

Nine people died due to heat in Noida

Nine people have died suspiciously at various places in Noida. Five of these bodies have not yet been identified. It is feared that these people may have died due to extreme heat and heat. Police claim that no injury marks were found on his body. The concerned police station has sent the bodies for post-mortem. The exact cause of death will be clear after the post-mortem report.

According to the police, the body of a young man who was collecting garbage was found near gate number five of a private university in Sector-125 on Tuesday (18). He has not been identified. A dead body of a 60-year-old man was found near Tanksali in Sector 1 in the evening. People around were afraid that the old man would die due to extreme heat.

Hottest night in last 12 years in Delhi

The Met department said the previous hottest night recorded in Delhi city was in June 2012. When the minimum temperature was reached at 34 degrees Celsius. The hottest night of this season was recorded in Delhi on Tuesday (18th) with a temperature of 35.8 degrees Celsius.

33 people have died due to heat in Delhi

On Tuesday, 33 people died due to heat. Police do not yet have the data for five districts. According to the Deputy Commissioner of Police, these people were living on footpaths and in night shelters. According to the preliminary investigation, heatstroke was the cause of his death. However, it is also said that the picture will become clearer after the autopsy report. On the other hand, more than 100 patients with fainting, vomiting and dizziness are reaching 38 hospitals in Delhi every day.

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