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Hajj Yatra 2024 : 577 Haj pilgrims die of heat stroke; 2 thousand people in hospital

Riyadh; News Agency: Since June 12, 577 pilgrims have died of heat stroke in Saudi Arabia's Muslim holy city of Mecca as the temperature soared to 52 degrees Celsius during the Haj pilgrimage. The pilgrimage, which started on June 14, concluded on Bakri Eid. Official information regarding this was given on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the Government of India is in touch with the Government of Saudi Arabia and information is being sought whether there are any Indian pilgrims.

This year 18 lakh people had come for Hajj. Of these, 16 lakhs were from other countries. Hundreds of patients are still admitted to various hospitals, prolonging their stay in Saudi Arabia. Most of the dead are 323 citizens of Egypt. Many of them came without registration, the Saudi administration said. Among the dead are 60 Jordanians. Pilgrims from Iran, Indonesia and other countries are also among the dead. Over three thousand pilgrims were affected by the heat. Still 2 thousand pilgrims are undergoing treatment in various hospitals. Mortuaries are overflowing with dead bodies.

On Monday, the temperature in the mosque in Makkah was 51.8 degrees Celsius. The crowd was also huge. Most Hajj rituals, including the one on Mount Arafat, are performed during the day. Pilgrims have to stay in the sun for a long time. Due to climate change, the temperature in Makkah is increasing every year. The Saudi authorities had issued alert instructions to the pilgrims. Most of the pilgrims used umbrellas. Instructions also followed; But the heat was so intense that there was loss of life.

Indonesia has the highest quota

Saudi Arabia gives Indonesia the highest quota for Hajj. It is followed by Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Nigeria.

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