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He is a 'Miracle Man'.. ! Doctors told the story of Rishabh Pant's comeback leader

Leader Online Desk : In a moment his whole life changed. A fatal accident occurred. A discussion started that his 'cricket' is over. But he only believed in himself. He was aware that no miracle would happen. He determined that he would perform a 'miracle' by standing again at the peak of determination, self-belief and efforts. Finally, this determination worked. He once again stood up to play in the field with a stiff neck. This is about Indian cricketer Rishabh Pant. This time it has been told by Dr. Dinshaw Pardiwala who treated Rishabh Pant. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has shared a video that tells the story of Pant's comeback. In this inspiring video, doctors call Rishabh Pant a 'Miracle Man'. (Rishabh Pant IPL 2024)

About the return of Rishabh Dr. Pardiva was skeptical

After a terrible accident in 2022, he suffered a lot for the last one and a half years. His body was not supporting him, but his mind was not lost. His journey from walking with a limp to running again on the field is nothing short of a miracle. . Dinshaw Pardiwala, the doctor who treated him, was also skeptical that he would make a full recovery. (Rishabh Pant IPL 2024)

The knee bone was dislocated; Rishabh said, I am a…

Doctor Dinshaw tells Pardiwala that Rishabh's knee bone was dislocated in a terrible accident. That is, it had fallen from place. It is very difficult under such conditions, I told him. On this, Rishabh said, 'I am a miraculous person. I have been seriously injured twice, but I have recovered. Even the third time I will definitely be fine'. Even so, Rishabh is a 'miracle man'. Pardiwala also said that it is a miracle that he is getting on the field to play professional cricket.

Rishabh Pant IPL 2024 : He can do anything…

Rishabh suffered multiple injuries after the horrific accident. None of the knee bones were in the right position. He underwent ligament surgery on his right knee. If anyone can make a comeback after such a terrible accident, it is only Rishabh Pant. With the kind of attitude he has, he can do anything. Dr. Dinshaw Pardiwala also said that the way he is working hard for his progress is really admirable.

A tragedy has made a better man…

The 26-year-old Rishabh gave his fitness test at the National Cricket Academy. It turns out to be Ft. Rishabh has become stronger after the accident. Every event in our life has a certain kind of effect. I think, if nothing else, an accident makes a better man. He has respected his life, respected his surroundings. He has become more flexible and stronger, said Nishant Bordoloi, conditioning expert at NCA.

Rishabh Pant IPL 2024 : Rishabh Pant will play in IPL

BCCI has allowed Rishabh to participate in IPL. Delhi Capitals team is ready to play under his leadership. The Delhi team will play their first match of this season against Punjab Kings on March 23.

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