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Govinda's wife has not forgiven her nephew and niece: She said- If they don't care, then why should we come in the interview and say good things

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His fans are familiar with the tension between Govinda and his nephew Krishna Abhishek. Recently, Govinda's niece Aarti Singh got married. Govinda attended the wedding with his son. But his wife Sunita Ahuja was not a part of any function of the wedding. At the same time, news also started coming that the tension between Govinda and nephew Krishna, niece Aarti is over. But seeing the video going viral, users are speculating that their relationship is still not good.

Recently a video is going viral on social media. The video is about a year old, in which Govinda is sitting with his wife Sunita. Meanwhile, Sunita is seen talking about Aarti Singh and Krishna Abhishek, after watching which people say that their relationship is not good. After watching the video, it can be guessed that aunt Sunita's anger has not calmed down yet.

In the interview, Sunita is clearly seen saying that Krishna and Aarti have spoken bad things about us on your own channel. While saying this, a little anger was visible on Sunita's face. She says, I remember Aarti sitting on the sofa and saying that Chichi Mama has to give us 2 thousand rupees. I heard it myself. Govinda sitting next to her is seen telling her to calm down.

Sunita has not forgiven her nephew and niece

Sunita said- When they themselves are not caring, then why are we expected to say good things about them. So you people should also stop making this issue a big issue.

Let us tell you, Krishna Abhishek and his wife Kashmira Shah have apologized to Govinda and Sunita many times for their mistake. But tension is still visible in their relationship.

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