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Chhattisgarh's Aditi's Bollywood debut: Will be seen in the lead role in the film 'Humare Barah'; said- got threats due to controversy – Chhattisgarh News

These days Bollywood movie “Humare Barah” is in a lot of discussions. Despite being in a lot of controversies, the High Court has given permission to release this movie. The biggest thing is that Chhattisgarh's daughter Aditi Bhatpahari will be seen in the lead role of this movie. This movie is going to be a big change in Aditi's career.


Aditi had a special conversation with Bhaskar about her Bollywood career. Aditi is a resident of Raipur, Chhattisgarh. Her father Vijay Kumar Bhatpahari is an engineer and mother Uma Bhatpahari is a housewife.

Aditi Bhatpahari from Chhattisgarh.

Aditi says that she wanted to become a big actress since childhood, but being from a middle class family, she did not get that environment. Her father is an engineer, so Aditi also did B.Tech in Information Technology from NIT Raipur to become an engineer.

Aditi Bhatpahari with hero in lead role of heroine of movie

Aditi Bhatpahari with hero in lead role of heroine of movie “Humare Barah”

Aditi's life changed due to lockdown

After doing B.Tech, the daughter started preparing for UPSC. After getting the support of her father, she went to Delhi in 2020 for preparation. There was a lockdown for two years due to Corona and it changed Aditi's entire life. Aditi told her younger brothers Aditya and Abhinav about her dream.

He fully supported his elder sister. Both the brothers convinced their parents. After this Aditi reached Maya Nagari Mumbai and after almost 1 year of struggle she got a chance to work with a big actor like Annu Kapoor in the movie “Humare Barah”.

The film 'Humare Barah' is based on social evil

Aditi told that this film has been made to make people aware about small families. The film is based on a Muslim family which is far away from things like family planning. Her father has 11 children. Even after this, he wants to have 12 children. In the film, Aditi has played the role of the eldest daughter of the family, Alfia. Annu Kapoor has played the role of her father.

There is a lot of dispute between the daughter and the father regarding having the 12th child. The daughter is against having another child. She protests to such an extent that she takes her father to the court. Apart from Annu Kapoor and Aditi, actors like Manoj Joshi, Paritosh Tripathi, Rahul Bagga and Ankita Dwivedi have also acted in this film.

Aditi with her co-actors during the shooting of the film.

Aditi with her co-actors during the shooting of the film.

The younger brother found a house in Mumbai, the elder one supported him financially

Aditi says that both her younger brothers played an important role in her becoming a Bollywood star. After passing 12th, her youngest brother Abhinav went to Mumbai with his sister. There, both of them searched for a house together. After this, he stayed with Aditi for a few days and then came back.

During this time, Aditi's middle brother Aditya, who is a businessman, supported her financially. Thanks to his support, Aditi achieved her goal in a short time.

Parents were worried about Aditi

Aditi told that when she told her parents that she is going to Mumbai to make a career in the film world, they became very worried. Her father said that he has no relatives or acquaintances in Mumbai. How will the young daughter be able to live in such a situation, but the daughter explained to her father and mother that she will never let their respect diminish.

She will tell him every moment. When Aditi told her father Vijay Bhatpahari about signing the movie “Humare Barah”, he became very happy. Father says that it will be a matter of pride for him that his daughter will be known not by the name of Vijay Bhatpahari but by the name of Vijay Bhatpahari Aditi Bhatpahari.

I learned a lot working with Annu Kapoor

Aditi said that she got to learn a lot by working with a big actor like Annu Kapoor. Her first experience was very good. In some scenes, she did not have her own dialogues, but her dialogues were inserted in those scenes as well.

Many threats were received regarding the film

Aditi told that due to the theme of the film, some people are trying to bring it into controversy. She also received a lot of threats regarding this. Due to this, she had to take protection from Mumbai Police. In reality, there is nothing in the movie “Humare Barah” due to which some people are creating a ruckus about it.

People should not jump to any conclusions before the film is released. The matter went to the High Court. Permission to release the film has been granted from there as well. The release date will also be announced soon.

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