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From Juhi Parmar to Shweta Tiwari: From Urvashi Dholakia to Sakshi Tanwar; These TV actresses became an example by fulfilling the duties of both mother and father.

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Many TV actresses are raising their children alone after divorcing their husbands. There is no doubt that she is not only a good actress but also a good mother. Along with her career, she also pays full attention to single parenting. She leaves no stone unturned in raising her children.

On Mother's Day, let us know about those TV actresses who have become an example for all women by becoming single mothers.

Juhi Parmar
Actress Juhi married TV actor Sachin Shroff in 2009. After four years of marriage, their daughter Adara was born. However, due to mutual differences, Sachin and Juhi got divorced in the year 2019. Actress Juhi Parmar is raising her daughter as a single parent.

Regarding single parenting, Juhi shares, 'Motherhood is challenging and that too when this journey is alone. But I know that when my daughter and I are together, we can conquer the whole world. This journey is not easy for both of us. But what we have learned through this is that we can turn our failures into our greatest strengths.

White Tiwari

Shweta Tiwari has married twice. But both failed. The actress was first married to Raja Choudhary, from whom she had a daughter, Palak Tiwari. She had a second marriage with Abhinav Kohli, with whom she had a son, Reyansh. Both these marriages of the actress broke due to domestic violence. After the breakup of both the marriages, she is raising daughter Palak and son Reyansh alone.

shubhangi Atre

Shubhangi Atre has separated from her husband Piyush Poore. They have an 18 year old daughter, whom Shubhangi is raising alone. According to the actress, she is a full-time mother and part-time actor. She treats her daughter Aashi as a friend, and shares everything with her. Daughter Aashi is the whole world for him.

Beautiful Asopa

In the year 2022, actress Charu Asopa separated from her husband Rajeev Sen. After which she is raising her daughter Gianna alone. Charu says, 'This journey is not easy. Sometimes it is tiring and frustrating. But then when I see my daughter, I gain courage. Every effort is made to handle everything. Sometimes it becomes difficult, I wonder how to handle things alone? It is very difficult to be a single parent but we both are moving forward in life with each other.

Nisha Rawal

In the year 2021, TV actors Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra got divorced. After which, Nisha is raising her son Kavish alone. For Nisha, her son Kavish is the most precious. She doesn't want him to miss anything.

Being a single parent, she is providing every kind of support to her child like emotional, financial. Nisha likes to spend as much time as possible with her son.

Witness Tanwar

Actress Sakshi Tanwar is not married yet but has a daughter. Sakshi adopted a 9-month-old baby girl at the age of 45. His daughter's name is Ditya. Since then she has been handling the responsibility of a single mother.

Wanting Food

After separation from Farhan Mirza, actress Chahat Khanna is raising her two daughters alone. The actress believes that when someone is raising his two children alone, the society takes pity on him. They repeatedly realize that they are burdened with responsibilities 24 hours a day. One has to live with the same burden every day. This is a mentality that has always been prevalent with single mothers. Chahat hopes that this mentality of people will change with time.

Deepshikha Nagpal

After 10 years of marriage, actress Deepshikha Nagpal divorced her husband Jeet Upendra. Then she got married for the second time to actor Keshav Arora. But that too broke down. She is fulfilling the responsibilities of both a mother and father to her children Vidhika and Vivian.

Urvashi drummer

Actress Urvashi Dholakia is also a single mother. The actress got married at the age of just 16 and gave birth to twin sons at the age of 17. However their marriage did not last. She got divorced and separated from her husband within one and a half years. After this, he has raised both his sons alone till now.

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