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Electoral Bonds News : Which company gave electoral bonds to which party? Election Commission announced new information leader

Leaders Online Desk : Electoral Bonds News : Election Commission of India has uploaded the information regarding Electoral Bonds issued by State Bank of India on its website. This information includes details such as the name of the purchaser of electoral bonds, the name of the party from whom the bonds were purchased and the serial number of the bond.

The State Bank of India has handed over the detailed data of electoral bonds to the Election Commission after the Supreme Court's strict decision. After this the Election Commission also uploaded it on its official website. In fact, earlier, incomplete data was provided by SBI, with only information on the buyer and redeemer of the bond available. The Supreme Court gave strict instructions and ordered that SBI should provide complete information. The court asked the bank to make this information public so that it can know which individual or company donated how much through bonds to which party. Now this information has also been made public on the Election Commission website.

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