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During the rule of 'Trinamool', W. The grievous sin of oppression of women power in Bengal: PM Modi's rant | leader

Leader Online Desk : The land of West Bengal is the land of Bengal which is the inspiration of Stree Shakti, from where Stree Shakti gave direction to the country; But under the rule of Trinamool Congress, the grave sin of oppressing women power has been committed on this land. The incident at Sandeshkhali bows down in shame; But the Trinamool Congress government in the state does not care about this misery. Prime Minister Narendra Modi today (March 6) lashed out at the Mamata Banerjee government, saying that the Trinamool government is doing its best to protect criminals who abuse women. He was speaking at a public meeting in Barasat in North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal.

At this time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Trinamool Congress leaders are oppressing sisters and daughters of poor, Dalit and tribal families in many places. But the Trinamool Congress government has faith in its tyrannical leader. They don't trust women in Bengal. The women of the country, including Bengal, are angry at this stance of the government. This wave of feminist outrage will not be limited to the message itself. A Trinamool government that only cares about votes and works for brokers can never provide security to its sisters and daughters, BJP central government that even provides death penalty for serious crimes like rape. A women's helpline has been created so that sisters can easily complain in times of crisis; But the Trinamool Congress government is not allowing this system to be implemented here. He also claimed that the anti-women Trinamool government will never be able to provide security to women.

India also reached the target

Leaders of India Aghadi of opposition parties are scared to see the sure return of NDA in the central government. The corrupt people of this front are asking about my family. He is saying that Modi has no family of his own, that's why I speak against familyism; But for me the whole country is a family. Every particle of Modi's body and every moment of his life is dedicated to this family. Today, every poor, every farmer, every youth, every sister and daughter of the country is saying… I am Modi's family, he added.

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