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Deadly corona..! As many as 50 mutations in the patient's body in 613 days

Leader Online Desk : Even if the name Corona is uttered, even today it scares the common people. Four years ago, this virus wreaked havoc across the world. Now the whole world is out of this rut. But the deadly form of this virus that has engulfed the entire world has come to the fore once again. Corona virus stayed in a patient's body for a total of 613 days. During this long period, the corona virus mutated 50 times in the patient's body. During this period, the patient fought against the corona virus with the help of doctors. Finally Corona won and the 72-year-old patient lost the battle for survival. The researchers say this sheds light on how the virus can mutate genetically.

The incident of corona virus staying in the patient's body for such a long time happened in Dutch. According to a report given by 'Time', a study conducted by researchers at the Amsterdam University Medical Center has revealed that a 72-year-old Dutch patient suffering from a blood disease was infected with Kovid-19 in February 2022. After this, the corona virus continued to attack the body of this 72-year-old patient by changing its form for 613 days. Corona changed its form 50 times in this patient's body. That means there was a mutation in the body. In such a situation, the immune system of the patient is weakened. Especially before coming in contact with corona infection

The patient had taken corona vaccine

Researchers have said that the 20-month-long corona infection is the longest infection ever. Earlier, the corona virus remained infected in the body of a British patient for more than 505 days.

The virus was genetically modified

The researchers said that despite the patient receiving multiple doses of the Covid-19 vaccine before contracting the Omicron variant, the patient's immune system did not survive. The research also found that after the mutation, this version of the virus did not infect anyone other than the patient. How an epidemic virus can mutate genetically, giving rise to new strains of pathogens. “This case highlights the risk of persistent SARS-CoV-2 infection in immunocompromised individuals,” the research concluded. This research will be presented by the researchers at a medical conference in Barcelona next week.

The research also showed that about 24% of American adults who tested positive for Covid-19 had symptoms for more than three months.


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