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Daughter was deprived of Johnny Lever's love in childhood: Jamie said – Father used to stay out often due to work, but now it is not so.

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Johnny Lever's daughter Jamie Lever has revealed that she did not get her father's love in her childhood. Nor was she able to spend quality time with her father. They still feel its absence even today. Actually, Johnny was often away due to the shooting of films. In his absence his wife took care of the children. However, the situation is not like this now. Jamie said that now Johnny pays full attention to his family along with work.

Jamie is also active in the acting field. She has been a part of many films and web series. She has been seen in films like Housefull 4 and Bhoot Police. Although despite being a star kid, Jamie could not be very successful in the industry.

Johnny was always busy shooting films.

In a recent interview, Jamie talked about bonding with father Johnny Lever. Jamie said that he did not get father's time in his childhood. The reason was that his father used to shoot 4-5 films a day and remained busy with this.

Jamie further said- They never took us (Jamie and his brother) to school. When we came back from school, he was not even found at home. Mother always taught us manners, but father was not there to do so. I never got the pampering and love that my father gives me in my childhood.

Jamie told that Johnny understood these things that children miss. In such a situation, they used to try to make the children happy and fill that gap by bringing gifts and chocolates.

Jamie further said that when he and his brothers started going to college, Johnny realized that he should now spend more time with his children. After this he became selective about work and started spending more time with children. At present, Johnny wants to sit with the children in the morning and have breakfast together. Now when he stays at home, he definitely spends 1-2 hours with his family. He also tells stories of the days of struggle.

Jamie no longer holds any grudge against father Johnny because he has gained more than he had lost.

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