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Cost of education decreased; Grown on tobacco, gutkha, alcohol | leader

New Delhi, Leading News Service: There has been a change in the spending pattern of people in India and in the last ten years Indians have reduced their spending on education and increased their spending on intoxicants like tobacco, alcohol and gutkha. According to a government survey, the change has been similar in rural and urban areas.

The National Sample Survey Office conducted the Household Expenditure Survey from August 2022 to July 2023. Accordingly, the information about how much Indians spend every month and on what they spend was available. The survey has revealed how social and economic factors are being spent in urban and rural areas of the country as well as in various states and Union Territories.

In the past ten years, the average Indian's expenditure on leaf, tobacco and other intoxicants has increased while the expenditure on education has decreased. Expenditure on education in urban areas was 6.90 percent in 2011-12. It comes down to 5.78 percent in 2022-23. Even in rural areas, the expenditure was 3.49 percent in 2011-12. It will come down to 3.30 percent in 2022-23.

Expenditure on processed food

Another aspect revealed by this survey is that there has been an increase in spending on soft drinks, food and processed foods in urban areas. This increase is more than other factors. In urban areas, the expenditure on this was 8.98 percent in 2011-12. It will be 10.64 percent in 2022-23. This cost seems to have increased in rural areas as well. In rural areas, it was 7.90 percent on this item in 2011-12, it has reached 9.62 percent in 2022-23.

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