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Congress ready to challenge in Madhya Pradesh

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After the completion of the first two phases of polling in Madhya Pradesh, candidates and voters are now looking forward to the third phase. There are total 29 Lok Sabha seats in this state. Two phases have been completed. In the third phase, voting has been held on May 7 in eight constituencies namely Morena, Bhind, Gwalior, Guna, Sagar, Vidisha, Bhopal and Rajgarh. As Congress has fielded equal candidates in all these eight constituencies, it is expected that all the contests will be colorful. Among them, the high profile matches of Guna, Vidisha and Rajgarh have attracted the attention of the whole country.

This time in Madhya Pradesh, a close fight is expected between the traditional rivals of BJP and Congress. Considering the total population, OBCs constitute 50 percent, Scheduled Tribes 20 percent, Scheduled Castes 15 percent and Upper Castes 15 percent. The OBC community is considered as the traditional voter of BJP. Apart from this, BJP has got the votes of upper castes and backward classes. Earlier this class was considered as Congress voters. However, despite this, this election is not as easy as BJP thinks it is. BJP has to work hard as Congress has fielded strong candidates. At this time, a wise leader like Jitu Patwari has been entrusted with the responsibility of bringing victory to the Congress. The guidance of former chief minister Kamal Nath and Digvijay Singh has been a plus for him.

Forgetting the defeat that had to be accepted in the assembly elections, the ordinary workers of Congress have also worked vigorously. In the last election, the Congress had to be satisfied with the victory in Chhindwara, the only constituency. Congress has made a strategy in such a way that some more seats will fall this time. It can be seen that the math of caste equation has been taken care of by the Congress while giving candidature. It can benefit that party. On the other hand, the train of resources, strong party organization and voter response due to populist schemes have worked well for the BJP.

A close fight in points

Jyotiraditya Shinde is contesting from Guna constituency on BJP ticket. Congress has fielded Rao Yadvendra Singh against him. The votes of the Yadav community are considered decisive in this constituency. Therefore, this election has not been easy for Shinde. Union Home Minister Amit Shah held a special campaign meeting for Shinde and appealed to voters to vote for Shinde. Rao Yadvendra Singh, who challenged Shinde, is known as a Murrabi leader. He was once an activist of Jana Sangh and later joined Congress. Their trust is mainly on Yadav voters.

Shivrajsinh Chauhan aka Mama has won five times from Vidisha constituency since 1991. This constituency is not new for them. His campaign is also going on vigorously. Congress has nominated Pratap Bhanu Sharma against him. What kind of leader are they? 77-year-old Digvijay Singh of Congress has entered the fray in Rajgarh constituency. He wants to join hands with BJP's sitting MP Rodmal Nagar. It is predicted that this fight will be tough.

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